What is a Z-Pass?

The Zurich Transport Network (ZVV), neighbouring regional transport networks A-Welle, OSTWIND, Schwyz and Zug as well as SBB, have joined together in a single fare network for the residential and economic region of Zurich. The so-called Z-Pass creates a joint network in which tickets can be purchased for zone combinations between the ZVV and a neighbouring regional transport network. There are four so-called “corridors”, each one radiating outwards from ZVV towards the west, east, south and north.

The Z-Pass offers individual tickets in addition to the existing monthly and annual travelcards. Tickets are purchased for the necessary zones instead of for a route from A to B. Travellers can thus travel between the ZVV and a neighbouring network by train, bus, tram and in Zurich even by boat, making inter-network travel easier, more convenient and more versatile. The price is based on the number of selected zones. The two city zones of Zurich (110) and Winterthur (120) each count as two zones on account of their higher density of public transport services compared to elsewhere.