Visually impaired passengers

Where lettering is too small or contrast is too low, travelling on public transport becomes a challenge for visually impaired passengers. Special functions on ticket machines and disabled-friendly passenger information facilitates barrier-free travel.


Markings for the blind

In stations, the start and finish of staircases is marked in white. White safety lines on the platforms define the areas in which it is safe to stand. Tactile safety lines are also used in many places.

Guidance system in stations

Larger stations feature guidance systems for visually impaired passengers. For more information on facilities for the visually impaired at specific stations, please contact the SBB Call Center Handicap by calling 0800 007 102 or visiting

Use the front entrance

When boarding a tram or bus, use the front entrance. This enables the driver to see you more clearly, open doors for longer and assist passengers as necessary.

Passenger information

Travel information is displayed and announced in many stations and in virtually all vehicles.