Thanks to the zone fare you can travel as you wish within the selected zones and period of validity by train, bus, tram, and in Zurich by boat too.

The Z-Pass area is divided into so-called corridors (ZVV and another neighbouring fare network). This is known as a zone fare, which means that when travelling from A to B you purchase a zone ticket and not a point-to-point ticket. Within the selected zones and period of validity you can travel as you wish by train, bus, tram, and in Zurich even by boat. The price of your ticket is based on the number of zones selected. 

Zones and times are printed on the ticket

The zones and validity period are printed on the tickets. You enter the starting point and destination at the ticket machine and the correct zones are allocated.  

Between the starting point and destination, you always travel in one or more zones. You can determine how many zones you travel through using the zone maps.

Purchase the ticket before travelling

Purchase or validate your ticket before starting the journey. Some regional and local buses are an exception: in some cases you can buy your ticket in the vehicle (from the driver).

Unlimited travel

Within the zones purchased you can make as many journeys as you wish on all means of public transport up to expiry of the ticket.

The final journey must be completed before the period of validity runs out.

City zones

Both city zones, Zurich (Zone 110) and Winterthur (Zone 120), count as two zones each, as the public transport network is considerably denser here than elsewhere.