Frequently asked questions

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What is a Z-Pass?

What is the difference between a Z-Pass and a national ticket?

Are there still return tickets?

Why is the Z-Pass day pass not valid for 24 hours as it is for ZVV?

Why have only partial areas of the A-Welle and OSTWIND fare networks been integrated into the Z-Pass and not the entire fare network?

Can I change route with the Z-Pass?

Provided that I hold a fare network travelcard for a participating partner: what should be noted for connecting tickets?

How do class upgrades work?

Are GA travelcards and Half-Fare Travelcards valid for Z-Pass?

I hold a Half-Fare Travelcard. Can I now obtain a Z-Pass travelcard with a 50% discount?

Is my GA night valid for Z-Pass?

Can a Z-Pass travelcard be combined with the Junior travelcard? Can I therefore take my children under 16 years with me free of charge?

Do I also have to purchase tickets for my grandchildren, nephews, nieces, godchild etc?

Can I deposit my Z-Pass travelcard when I am away on holiday?

I am changing workplace. Can I return an annual travelcard?

Can a lost or stolen Z-Pass travelcard be replaced?

I turned 25 years old the day before yesterday. Can I still purchase a Junior travelcard?

My Z-Pass expires on 30 April. Is it still valid on the nighttime network from 30 April to 1 May?

Are there also transport companies within the Z-Pass area that do not participate in the Z-Pass fare system, i.e. they sell their own tickets?

When and where is bike self-loading possible?

Are there restrictions on bike self-loading?

When my ticket was checked my personal details were taken for enquiry purposes. I did not agree with the supplement. What can I do?

Whom should I contact if a conflict with a transport company has not been solved to my satisfaction?

I would like to suggest new requests with regard to the timetable, new routes or new stops. Whom should I contact?